Creating a positive workplace

Key points:

  • Ensure your workplace has clear policies around eating disorders and mental health
  • Be confident you and other staff members know how to address any issues that arise, and how to support people to seek professional help
  • Encourage your staff and trainers to be healthy role models

A healthy work environment is important for staff, clients and players. There are a number of things you can do to encourage a balanced approach to health in your workplace, including:

  • having clear policies around eating disorders and mental health
  • understanding compulsive exercise and how to address it
  • encouraging workplace programs and activities that incorporate positive body image, healthy eating, and a balanced approach to exercise
  • considering potentially harmful or shaming programs or communications such as those that are weight stigmatising or overly simplistic; even “fitspiration” images can be more triggering or shaming than inspiring
  • encouraging staff and trainers to model balance and take care of their own health needs
  • being aware of pathways to treatment for people who need professional help

Workplace policies

For the safety of both staff and clients, workplaces that provide fitness services to the community (whether that be a fitness centre, community sporting organisation or elite sporting club) should have a clear policy and procedure that focuses on eating disorders. This policy and procedure should cover things like:

  • What eating disorders are and who is at risk
  • Related issues such as disordered eating, compulsive exercise and body image
  • What staff should do if they are concerned about a client or colleague
  • What support employers can offer to employees who are struggling with an eating disorder

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